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Portrait photographers often impose their style on the subject, but I try to be open and let the subject determine the style. Sometimes, my portraits are carefully crafted with specific backdrops, lighting, and poses; other times, they come in a candid moment, as the subject has learned to trust me and share more of who they are.


With a background as an event planner, Nikki is as comfortable working in Fenway Park or the Boston Public Garden as she is in her Winthrop studio. Come to her for corporate headshots for your website or LinkedIn profile, or bring her to your event for portraits of your entire team.

Emily O'Brien is a Boston photographer specializing in custom family portrait photography. She also offers interior and architectural photography and works closely with architecture firms and interior designers to create beautiful images.

Ryuji at Beaupix does an excellent job. I needed professional headshots done for my LinkedIn and he helped to get the perfect one! His process is very good and the results are of high quality. He is also very knowledgeable about many industries and the best style of portraits for them. John K., Providence, RI on 19 June 2020

A Photographic Memory (APM) specializes in wedding and portrait photography in New Hampshire and Boston, and is recognized by Weddingwire and The Knot as one of the nation's industry leading professionals.

Bill Horsman is a well-established commercial and architectural photographer based in Boston. He is frequently sought for his corporate location photography, creating unique portraits of individuals and groups in their work environments. Bill's commercial expertise also includes editorial photography, architectural interiors & exteriors, studio product & portrait photography and retouching.

In 2005, Mystic Seminars started in a small New England town in Connecticut. It was created as a gathering for wedding photographers to share and network. At the time, there was no other outlet to do so that was tailored just for wedding photographers. And then it grew, becoming one of the most respected conferences of its kind. A conference where the speakers, attendees and sponsors interact on the same level. Where real and meaningful connections are made. Where everyone involved brings inspiration forward. Speakers that will make you laugh, cry, think, and have a positive effect on your life and business. A place where you can make lifelong friends. A conference where you can feel like you belong. Last year saw a change; Mystic Seminars hit the road and relocated to Portland Oregon! And we couldn't be happier! Portland is an amazing city and we are happy to now call it our Mystic home.

I'm obsessed with the hero's journey, both in myth and reality. The portraits I take explore the place where our inspiration and determination meets our ultimate purpose. It doesn't matter if the photograph is for advertising or art. The person, the path and the passion are always the most important story, and the way into creating the best image. I came to this calling later in life, after decades of storytelling for theatre and film, and that shows up again and again in my work - from choosing locations and clothing that is descriptive, to working with my subject on their motivation and engagement of the camera. There's drama even in everyday pursuits if your life lights you up. Getting to see other people's light is a tremendous gift. That's what keeps me tied to the camera on the daily.

Cynthia August is a commercial portrait photographer living and working in Ipswich, known for her ethereal portraits and abstracts. She writes, teaches and creates photography out of her studio in the Tyler Building.

Unique. Edgy. Remarkable. The right portrait tells a story. It differentiates your professional or personal brand with a striking image. Done right, and you get a timeless portrait that conveys emotion.

Sharing new higher education portrait work with students and faculty shot for various schools at Northeastern University in Boston. This set was meant to display a clean, classic look with colorful background palettes and room in composition for copy to be added later.

Sharing some recent portrait work with four-time Olympian, 1998 hockey gold medalist, and Sports Innovation Lab co-founder, Angela Ruggiero. These were shot for Sports Illustrated for a cover story exploring the battlegrounds and issues that will define the future of the fight for equality in sports 50 years after the passing of the Title IX law.

Above is a selection of recent portrait work with Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Founder of inbound marketing, sales, and service software, HubSpot. I photographed Dharmesh at his home in Massachusetts, which allowed for a wonderful variety of stunning backdrops and natural, earthy elements.

Before setting up, it is important to find a source of light that works best for you. North facing windows have always worked well for me. North facing windows give me a nice, soft light for standard portraiture. In my old house, I knew that a certain south facing window would work on a cloudy day or at certain times. It is important that you experiment and find what works best for your vision.

In the video, I briefly talk about the placement of the light and shadows. When using natural light I love using broad and short lighting. Rembrandt lighting is another favorite of this family photographer but that is for a different tutorial.

I'm Sarah Micaela Snape of Sarahmica Photography. Based in Boston, MA, I work 'ON-LOCATION' photographing people in a way that is striking, compelling, dramatic, yet true. I thrill at each opportunity to create and collaborate, making press and promo portraits for musicians, artists and other creative professionals.

Bobbie Bush Photography is a professional portrait photographer located north of Boston, Massachusetts in Lynn MA, serving the north shore Massachusetts, specializing in children and family photography. She has been named one of the Best Boston Photographer, after being named Boston's Best Children's Photographer in 2017 by the Boston A-List online competition and by the CBS Boston WBZ editors.

For the Best Portrait Photographer Boston, come to Bobbie Bush Photography, specializing in children's and family photography north of Boston. She has been named Boston's Best Children's Photographer in 2011, 2014 and 2017 by the Boston A-List online competition and by the CBS Boston WBZ editors. Bobbie serves clients all over the north shore of Boston in Essex County including Salem, Lynn, Beverly, Peabody, Marblehead, Danvers, Swampscott, South Hamilton, Wenham, Manchester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Topsfield, Ipswich, Essex, Gloucester, Rockport, Middleton, Nahant, Boxford, Rowley, Newbury, Newburyport, Andover, North Andover, Lynnfield, Georgetown, Amesbury, Groveland, Salisbury, Merrimac, Saugus, Haverhill, Methuen, and Lawrence. Newborn photographer north shore MA.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Cunningham grew up in Seattle and began pursuing photography as a teenager, ordering her first camera from a mail-order kit and using a converted woodshed as a darkroom. Because there were no formal photography programs established at the time, she studied chemistry and botany at the University of Washington and photochemistry in Dresden. From 1907 to 1909, she also worked as a darkroom assistant in the Seattle studio of Edward S. Curtis, known for his documentation of the Native American tribes of North America. After meeting and marrying printmaker and painter Roi Partridge in 1915, Cunningham settled in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she established herself as a portrait photographer.

Though people around the world might be familiar with Karsh's portraits of Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein or Pablo Picasso, "even as his fame grew, he stayed close to the people of his beloved city" of Ottawa, according to Lilly Koltun, director general of the Portrait Gallery of Canada, a program of Library and Archives Canada.

The exhibition will be hosted by Ottawa's Canada Science and Technology Museum, which is teaming up with Library and Archives Canada for the initiative and is also the official keeper of the photographer's cameras, darkroom tools and other professional equipment. 041b061a72


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