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Denis Lavrentiev
Denis Lavrentiev

[P3D] Just Flight C152 Crack: How to Get and Fly the Best Cessna 152 Add-on for Free

Oh, and just a final question regarding the A2A 172 if I may. When you deploy the flaps, does it push the aircraft into a nose-down stance? The panels on these Cessnas seem to be higher than the panels in the Pipers and with the short field work I am wanting to do, good forward visibility is very important if I am flaring on landing and still want to see where I am going. I have no problem with the JF Warrior in this respect but am curious how the C172 handles it. I don't really like having different positions and camera angles for cruise versus landing, etc so prefer just to find one position that suits me in all phases of flight (something the default position in the JF Warrior does very well).

[P3D] Just Flight C152 Crack



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