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On The Floor

In his article for the Los Angeles Times, Gerrick Kennedy said the song is a "sweat-inducing, sticky dance floor track" which was "vintage J.Lo" and catchier than either of her previous releases, "Louboutins" or "Fresh Out the Oven".[12] Although Kennedy praised the song's overall appeal, he commented that RedOne had produced more inventive "pop gems" with the likes of Lady Gaga and that Pitbull's appearance was a "throwaway verse."[12] In her review for AOL Music's Radio Blog, Nadine Cheung commented that Lopez "reinforces her renaissance woman status."[9] Nick Levine from Digital Spy called "On the Floor" a song that The Black Eyed Peas would have been "proud to have released".[20] Levine's review agreed with others that the song was a "welcome comeback for Lopez," and praised the use of a "not so-subtle" sample with the "Latin-tinged electro-housy" production. Overall, he said that the production was "the antithesis of classy", and although not original "there's no denying that this gets the job done."[20]

On The Floor

Lopez later confirmed in an interview On Air with Ryan Seacrest, that the completed music video would premiere jointly on season ten of American Idol and on Vevo on March 3, 2011. Fans could vote between three alternative endings through Idol's official website.[97] Lopez said the idea behind giving fans the choice was to give them a chance to see what she experienced. "You get to do what I do,... Like, I go in there with my videos and I start editing and picking all the shots I like and the things that I like and what I feel the best kind of feeling for the record is. You guys get to do that. We picked two different ones and we weren't sure."[98] The alternative endings included three varying scenes: in the first, the video ends with a close-up of Lopez's face in the silver lace catsuit; the second ends with a shot of dancers defying gravity on the walls and ceiling, while the final ending ends with a shot of Lopez on the dance floor in her harem pants.[99] The first ending was the one used in the final video.[100]

The clip begins with Lopez's arrival at a club in a black BMW, one example of the product placement used throughout the video.[96] As the music begins, she puts on a pair Swarovski crystal earrings before the camera switches to inside the club. where it descends from the ceiling amongst the Las Vegas-style crystal chandeliers.[96] Choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. called the club, "the best dance party in town," where Lopez played several different characters. Both the scenery and artist were styled to pay homage to her background as a professional dancer, she said she wanted the video to "introduce people to a new J.Lo-ration of party people".[101][102] In one scene, she plays a dominant queen of the party who watches from above, on a balcony surrounded by servants.[95] When portraying this character, Lopez was styled with "a big beehive bun, gold gladiator heels and a glittery gold gown with Gaga-esque detailing in its high collar and leaves."[101][103] The 'queen' character "dangles lazily on a couch" and "regally oversees a crowd of people getting down on the dancefloor."[103][104] In another scene, Lopez wears a silver crystal and lace skin-tight catsuit, designed by Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad, as she dances against a "gold cardio barre" before proceeding to shake her "money maker," according to the Los Angeles Times.[103][105][106] Spliced in between these scenes, she is seen dressed in black harem pants and a bikini top, as she walks through the crowd to mount a circular stage on the Las Vegas-style dancefloor. MTV's Kelly Carter and AOL's Khawlhring Sawmteii described the final scenes as Lopez "tearing up the floor," and "breaking it down 'fly-girl' style."[100][103]

  • The Congressional Record is a substantially verbatim account of the remarks made by senators and representatives while they are on the floor of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It also includes all bills, resolutions, and motions proposed, as well as remarks and roll call votes.Congressional Record (

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  • How to Find the Congressional Record

A dormer is a permitted obstruction within a required setback area that may exceed the height of a building. In lower-density districts, it is often a window protruding from a sloped roof to provide light and air to the top floors of homes. In R6 through R10 contextual districts, dormers are portions of buildings allowed to penetrate a required setback above the maximum base height in order to provide variety to the base heights of buildings along a street. Both types of dormers are subject to size limitations.

The Inclusionary Housing Program provides two optional floor area incentives in exchange for the creation or preservation of affordable housing, on or off-site, predominantly for low-income households.

The original R10 Program provides a floor area bonus of up to 20 percent, increasing the maximum FAR of 10.0 to 12.0 for the provision of affordable housing in applicable residential and commercial districts with R10 density.

In Inclusionary Housing designated areas* mapped in medium- and high-density residential neighborhoods and commercial districts with equivalent density, a bonus of 33 percent of floor area can be obtained for providing 20 percent as affordable housing. The base FAR in designated areas is, in most cases, lower than the maximum FAR allowed in the same zoning district located outside a designated area.

A large-scale development is a development generally involving several zoning lots planned as a unit. Large-scale development regulations allow modifications to various zoning regulations, such as the distribution of floor area without regard to zoning lot lines, by CPC discretionary action. Such modifications can allow for design flexibility to achieve a superior site plan.

A tower-on-a-base requires a contextual base between 60 and 85 feet high that extends continuously along the street line. The height of the tower is controlled by a minimum lot coverage requirement and a rule that at least 55 percent of the floor area on the zoning lot be located below a height of 150 feet. On a wide street in R9 and R10 districts and their C1 or C2 equivalents, a building that includes a residential tower must comply with tower-on-a-base regulations in addition to the standard tower rules.

Tool #1: Micro-Learning. The best way for people to learn on the floor is with small, easy-to-digest pieces of content. Micro-learning closes the knowing-doing gap because, as Shryock discovered, when people can access information the moment they need it, they can apply it in real time.

While the future of learning is on the floor and in the flow of work, the future is already here for many leading organizations. To close the knowing-doing gap and increase learner engagement, take learning out of the classroom and put it in the flow of work.

The large marble plan of Rome known as Forma Urbis Romae is a prime example of how the plan imposes its normative power on lived space. Completed during the reign of Septimius Severus in the third century CE, the Forma Urbis was a ground floor plan, a horizontal section of the city carved into marble slabs.8 Fragments of the map were rediscovered during the sixteenth century and have since, in part thanks to depiction by Giovanni Battista Piranesi as part of his Roman Antiquities, become an emblematic representation of ancient Rome. Measuring approximately sixty feet wide by fort-five feet tall, the map was most probably displayed vertically on a wall in a public building such as an archive, library, or as suggested by several scholars, a public register of property.9

The claims about floor-sleeping and back pain are conflicting. While some say it reduces pain, others say it has the opposite effect. After all, the hard surface makes it difficult for your spine to maintain its natural curve.

One of the more serious consequences of being left on the floor for long periods after a fall is hypothermia or the increased risk of contracting illnesses like pneumonia. In an ideal world a senior living community resident would fall over in a warm, heavily carpeted room, however life is rarely that fair. A lot of falls take place in corridors or walkways with cold tiles underfoot or even outside. This obviously makes things a lot harder when trying to keep the resident warm during the long wait for an ambulance.

Rehabilitation floors often provide as much as six hours a day of physical and occupational therapy with the intention of helping you recover the strength and function that you need to be mostly independent in your daily life.

Shan LQ, Skaggs DL, Lee C, Kissinger C, Myung KS. Intensive care unit versus hospital floor: a comparative study of postoperative management of patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2013;95(7):e40. doi:10.2106/JBJS.L.00467

One of the best examples of these superstitions that transcends both time and borders is the belief that if you put your purse or wallet on the floor, you will have financial difficulties. If you are living in Turkey, whenever you put your bag or some kind on the floor, there will be at least one person that will tell you not to do so.

However, this is not a superstition you would only come across in Anatolia; in fact, you can trace back its roots to ancient China. Feng shui is a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environments. The roots of this particular superstition can be traced back to this school of thought that has a saying: "A purse on the floor is money out the door."

In many cultures, other than Feng Shui, the ground is symbolically associated with lowliness, thus to put your purse on the floor shows a lack of respect for your money. Therefore, you should respect your money if you want to keep it. This proverb is so widely believed that Brazilians even take it to another level. They also believed that if a person puts their wallet or purse on the floor, they will end up being broke. So, wherever you go in Brazil, you can hardly find a person who puts his or her bag on the floor. Whether it is bad Feng Shui or not, it is wise not to put your bag on the floor, especially if you are living in a big city. After all, you can never know when a thief could pop up. 041b061a72


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