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Super Shark

Super Shark is a 2011 science fiction action film directed by Fred Olen Ray and starring John Schneider, Sarah Lieving, and Tim Abell. The film follows a marine biologist named Kat Carmichael, played by Sarah Lieving, who has to investigate and survive the rampage of a mutated primordial shark.

Super Shark

Persistent exposure of ocean wildlife to a toxic goo used in oil drilling leads to a shark growing in size and becoming bulletproof, and even attaining the ability to move around on land. It destroys the oil rig that caused it, and then moves to Los Angeles where it eats several divers and threatens to disrupt a bikini contest.

Marine biologist Dr. Catherine Carmichael hires captain Chuck, a local drunk, to drive her out to the oil rig, owned by Traymore Industries, to investigate. Meanwhile, two female lifeguards plan to drink and have casual sex, and a kite surfer is eaten by the "super shark". Carmichael takes a water sample, then confronts the CEO of Traymore who invites her for drinks and dinner. When Carmichael interviews the sole survivor from the oil rig accident, it is disclosed that highly harmful chemicals were used to bore through the rock and that a shark pulled down the rig.

Meanwhile, Carmichael tells the CEO what she thinks happened: a "hydrolizing agent" caused the oil rig to crumble. Soon, a US Navy submarine disappears, and a search plane spots the super shark. At the bar, the two female lifeguards are joined by the male lifeguard, awaiting the bikini contest. Back out on the ocean, Carmichael and skipper Chuck are circled by the super shark until Carmichael, acting on a hunch, tells Chuck to turn off the radio, after which the super shark leaves. She speculates that the fish was attracted to radio waves and sent out signals which disturbed radio reception.[clarification needed]

Carmichael and skipper Chuck get emotionally close, and seek contact with the military, which has invented a remote-controlled tank that can walk and jump. With the help of a boombox and external speaker, the super shark is lured to a beach, where the tank is unsuccessful in shooting it. Carmichael manages to drop a bomb made of C-4 explosives into the beast's mouth, and it is blown to pieces.

The user creates a gigantic shark out of water and, by thrusting both hands forward, sends it to attack the opponent. This technique differs from the original, since this one is able to absorb the chakra from an opponent's technique and in turn, use that chakra to grow larger and more powerful. Therefore, the stronger the opponent's technique is, the stronger this technique will get.

The sinking of Treymor Industries' Nautilus deep-sea oil platform off the coast of California caused astonishment: Apparently there was an earthquake that led to the sinking. What is amazing, however, is that there was no oil in the water. A marine biologist from the Environmental Protection Agency, Katherine Carmichael, travels to the accident site with the help of skipper Chuck and takes a water sample. It can detect chemical weathering agents used to soften rock. In turn, she learned from questioning the sole survivor of the accident that the group had not yet struck oil because a solid rock prevented drilling. Therefore, those same chemicals were dumped into the rock. However, the survivor also reported to Katherine that it was not the chemicals that caused the platform's sinking, but a giant shark. However, when he noticed her doubts, he said he was only joking.

Meanwhile, the shark manages to kill various people unnoticed. He eats two divers, young Jill and her boat, and a surfer. However, the lifeguards Greg, Tyler and Calli don't notice anything. Greg came to California like every summer and had an affair with Tyler last year. Calli in turn falls in love with Greg and all three go to a beach bar in the evening. Here the beach bikini beauty of the summer is chosen and Calli mingles with the candidates in a bikini. However, she fails to catch the attention of Greg, who prefers to kiss Tyler. Calli goes to the beach crying and Tyler follows her. But when Calli wishes she were dead, she is devoured by the shark. Horrified at the death of her friend, Tyler screams, but the shark eventually eats her too. Greg, who is looking for the two young women on the beach the next day, also becomes a victim of the shark, as do the two winners of the bikini contest, who received a photo shoot and become a victim of the shark along with the photographer: this one can To the surprise of the beachgoers, they also survive on land and use fins to get around.

Katherine confronts Treymor Industries CEO Roger Wade about her findings on water quality. He investigates a flaw in Katherine's biography in order to silence her and finds out that she was fired from OIB some time ago for making fighting the oil industry a personal matter after her brother's death. Still, he knows her research was right and organizes a suitcase full of money to bribe her. Meanwhile, the shark destroyed a US Navy submarine, drawing the attention of the army. Katherine also sees the shark when she goes out to sea with Chuck again. She realizes that the animal is attracted to radio waves, so the shark leaves her boat alone when the radio is turned off. On the next visit to Roger Wade, she accepts his money and then explains to him that the shark, and not the chemicals, were the cause of the accident. In front of the army, she suggests that the oil drilling has awakened a prehistoric shark from hibernation, so to speak; this shark possesses abilities later differentiated in animals, being able to live on land, fly and swim, so it must be considered a "super shark".

As the national holiday with numerous bathers is imminent, the army decides to act. With Katherine's help, the shark can be lured in, but is resistant to both MP fire and heavier turrets. He also brings down and destroys a walking tank that has only been used as a secret weapon in Afghanistan so far. Katherine can lure the shark into a cave, throw dynamite down its throat and remotely detonate it. The shark dies, Katherine survives with a blast trauma and is received by Chuck.

Finding a home for Megalodon in the hierarchy of sharks has been an interesting task for science. For years two competing branches of the shark family laid claim to this monster, the Carcharodon or the white-shark line, and the now extinct line of "megatooth" sharks of Carcharocles. The megatooth sharks specialized in hunting whales and sirenians (manatees) in warmer waters, while the white-shark line focused on colder climate hunting.

It's super thin and looks sick. I saw some people on Amazon complaining about it being paper-thin lol, little do they know that that's what makes this wallet better than the bulky ones. It fits snug inside the pockets of my joggers and other slim fitted pants and jackets. I'd surely be buying more from Supervek

Maneater is John Wick if Keanu Reeves had gotten whacked and his dog had to embark on a bloody campaign of retribution instead. You play as an ever-evolving bull shark pup with an axe to grind against a local celebrity big game hunter who goes by Scaly Pete. Pete, that surly cajun SOB, caught and gutted your mother while you were being born, killing her, disfiguring you, and thereby earning him a righteous chomping. Of course, Pete has his own qualms about the situation, primarily the fact that you tore off his hand on your way out of the womb and then promptly ate it as you escaped. Whatever, that dude's a jerk.

Players start as a newly-born bull shark who must survive the brackish waters of seven explorable Southeastern American delta regions. The initial stages of the game are rather sedate, with a focus on generally snacking on anything smaller than yourself. By predating on smaller animals like catfish and turtles, the player can quickly build up their shark's strength, collect valuable resources for levelling, and gain necessary XP.

Once your shark reaches adolescence you'll be able to accept various missions -- fighting off other apex predators, for example, or hunting a specific number of prey species to keep their population in check (yes that especially includes humans) -- in order to accelerate your XP gains.

If the prescribed missions aren't your thing, you can also just tool around looking for trouble. The game offers a number of optional tasks, goals, discoverable checkpoints, hidden resource boxes, and other secrets for players to find. And as soon as your shark hits its adolescent stage, the entire game map opens for exploration.

Your shark will also gain new powers as it eats its way through the seas, including developing a Thresher Shark-like tail whip; a sturdy casing of protective bone armor, or increasingly sensitive sonar skills. Hell yes your shark does sonar.

During my playthrough at a hands-on event in San Francisco last week, my shark's feeding frenzies eventually attracted unwanted attention from the local human population who invariably called out multiple waves of shark hunters (and eventually Coast Guard units) in an effort to end my reign of terror. It was not unlike the police response to earning infamy stars in GTA.

The difference being that, unlike GTA, Maneter has a set number of enemy waves to survive and if players can actually chomp, ram, tail-whip and thrash their way through those opponents, they'll afford themselves the opportunity to face off against one of ten local shark hunter bosses. Ingest all of those fishermen and you'll get a shot at Scaly Pete himself.

A jaw-dropping visual voyage of fun facts discovery exploring the deep waters of the sea and the mysterious creatures that live in it.Uncover our oceans' secrets in this kid's book with a remarkable array of 80 sharks as well as other fascinating sea creatures that lurk in her depths! This comprehensive encyclopedia for children covers a diverse range of ocean inhabitants in mesmerizing detail.Incredible 3D digital images, breath-taking photography, and intricate cutaways reveal more about the species of the ocean depths than ever before, complemented by informative kid-friendly profile text to turn your little ones into ocean experts!Super Shark is so much more than just an educational e-book about sharks. From Barrel Shrimp to Blue Sharks, Starfish to Bat Fish, and Hammerhead Sharks to deep-sea monsters, rays, and eels, this ebook includes unbelievable facts about animal behavior and anatomy. New x-ray artworks utilize cross-sections to strip layers away and show key anatomical features in great detail. It highlights the deadliest predators and the most venomous creatures and explains how and why their bodies work the way they do. The combination of spectacular photography and clear authoritative text truly makes Super Shark the ultimate visual guide to the oceans' most peculiar creatures and their stories.What are you waiting for? Dive in and become an expert of the deep blue! Explore - Discover - Learn!Super Shark takes you deep beneath the waves to meet some of the most amazing and unusual creatures on the planet. Find out how a hammerhead searches for prey, and discover what makes the pufferfish such a prickly fellow. Learn about the fastest fish in the water and get right under the skin of one of the deadliest predators of the sea - the great white shark!These are some of the crazy creatures you'll encounter in this kid's reference ebook: - The Basking Shark, whose open mouth is so big a child could stand up in it- The Tiger Shark, who happens to be the least fussy eater- The Narwhal, affectionately known as the unicorn of the sea- The Great White Shark, who can jump 10ft (3m) out of the waterThis ebook sits on the esteemed \"Children's Book Council Children's Choices List Selection\" - an International Literary Association. This is but one of the DK Super series of ebooks for kids! Add Super Human, Super Space, Super Bug, Super Earth, and more to your collection to learn more about the world around you. 041b061a72


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