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Dersane Michael: The Miracles of the Archangel Michael in Amharic

Dersane Michael: The Miracles of the Archangel Michael in Amharic

Dersane Michael is a collection of homilies and miracles related to the Archangel Michael, one of the most revered saints in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The book is written in Ge'ez, the ancient liturgical language of Ethiopia, and is usually categorized as a prayer book. It contains about 38 stories that illustrate the power and mercy of Michael, who is often depicted as a warrior angel with a sword and scales.

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The book dates back to the 17th century, according to some scholars, and has been preserved in various monasteries and churches in Ethiopia. One of the manuscripts is kept in the DÃbrà Koreb wà QÃraneyo MÃdhanealÃm Monastery, East Gojjam, Gorge of Abay[^5^]. Another manuscript is located in the Dabra Koreb We Qeraneyo Medhanealem Monastery[^6^]. Both manuscripts are part of the Endangered Archives Programme, which aims to document and digitize the written heritage of East GoÄÄam[^5^] [^6^].

The book is not widely available online, but some PDF versions can be found on various websites. One of them is titled "Dersane Michael In Amharic Pdf 18" and has 215 pages[^1^]. Another one is titled "Dersane Michael In Amharic Pdf 18l" and has 149 pages[^3^]. However, these PDFs may not be accurate or complete translations of the original Ge'ez text, and may contain errors or omissions.

Dersane Michael is a valuable source of spiritual and historical information for Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and anyone interested in Ethiopian culture and literature. It showcases the devotion and faith of the Ethiopian people, as well as their rich oral and written traditions. It also reveals the influence and role of Michael as a protector and intercessor for Ethiopia and its people.Some of the stories in Dersane Michael are based on biblical accounts, such as the creation of Michael, his role in the expulsion of Satan from heaven, his protection of Israel and the church, his appearance to Joshua, Daniel, and Mary, and his participation in the resurrection of Christ. Other stories are based on apocryphal or legendary sources, such as his fight with the dragon, his rescue of Habakkuk from the lions' den, his healing of a leper king, his deliverance of a monk from temptation, and his intervention in various wars and calamities. Some stories are also specific to Ethiopia, such as his revelation of the Ark of the Covenant to King Lalibela, his blessing of Emperor Zara Yaqob, and his miracles at various holy places dedicated to him.

The stories in Dersane Michael are meant to inspire devotion and faith in the Archangel Michael and his intercession for the faithful. They also reflect the cultural and historical context of Ethiopia and its Christian tradition. They show how Michael is revered as a patron saint of Ethiopia, a guardian of its people and its church, and a model of obedience and service to God. They also demonstrate how Michael is associated with various symbols and attributes, such as light, fire, water, wings, sword, scales, banner, and crown.

Dersane Michael is a rich and fascinating book that reveals the diversity and depth of Ethiopian Orthodox spirituality and literature. It is a treasure that deserves to be studied and appreciated by scholars and laypeople alike. e0e6b7cb5c


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