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Where To Buy Petri Dishes Near Me

Channel your inner scientist and experience science firsthand with Petri Dish & Agar Kit. Perfect for a child with a passion for about all things science, this set includes two petri dishes, two agar packets, and a pair of forceps. Don your lab coat a prepare your own petri dishes, grow your own artificial bacteria, and explore the fascinating world of science!

where to buy petri dishes near me

Did you know that every surface in your home is teeming with microorganisms? Culturing microbes from your home on petri dishes lets you grow some of them as colonies that you can see with your naked eye. You might already have what you need in your kitchen cupboard. If not, the ingredients are readily available at most grocery stores. I demonstrated this experiment on Kare11 and you can watch it here, following the yeast experiment.

Pre Poured Agar plates are used to germinate spores, isolate mycelium away from contamination and to expand mycelium. Agar is a very nutritious gel that has been sterilized and then poured into petri dishes. The agar petri dish is completely sterile to allow for mycelium to rapidly grow without contamination.

Nutrient agar is a great general purpose growth medium suitable for most bacteria and fungi. These ready prepared sterile petri-dish plates are a valuable time saver and ideal for primary schools, home school experiments or anywhere lab facilities may be limited!

The plastic petri dishes are divided into quadrants and are furnished with filter paper segments. They are used as containers for short time storage of grids between different steps of specimen preparation, as a receptacle for ready-to-use glass knives, for block storage and for small EM parts in general. Packaging is 100 dishes (2 part sets, base and lid) with 400 filter paper segments. Outside dimensions: 90mm dia. x 15mm H; inside dimensions: 88mm dia. x 12mm H (with lid on). courtesy Robert Bils 041b061a72


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