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Noah Seperti Seharusnya 2012 CD FLACSeparuh Laki

Noah Seperti Seharusnya 2012 CD FLACSeparuh Laki

Noah is an Indonesian rock band that was formed in 2000 as Peterpan and renamed in 2012. The band consists of Ariel (vocals), Uki (guitar), Lukman (guitar), Reza (drums), and David (keyboard). Noah is one of the most popular and successful bands in Indonesia, with millions of fans and numerous awards.


Seperti Seharusnya (As It Should Be) is the first studio album by Noah, released on September 16, 2012, by Musica Studios. The album contains 11 tracks, including the hit singles "Separuh Aku" (Half of Me), "Jika Engkau" (If You), and "Tak Lagi Sama" (Not the Same Anymore). The album was recorded in various studios in Indonesia and Singapore, and mixed and mastered by Stephen Carr and Vincent Degiorgio. The album sold more than 350,000 copies in the first week of its release, breaking the record for the fastest-selling album in Indonesia. The album also received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised the band's musical maturity and diversity.

FLACSeparuh Laki is a fan-made term that refers to the high-quality FLAC format of the album Seperti Seharusnya, which was uploaded by a user named Separuh Laki on The user claimed that he ripped the CD version of the album and converted it to WAV PCM S16LE (16bit/44.1khz) format, which he then encoded to FLAC using FLAC Frontend. The user also provided the tracklist, the cover art, and the barcode of the CD. The FLACSeparuh Laki version of the album has been downloaded more than 10,000 times by fans who appreciate the lossless audio quality of Noah's music.

Noah Seperti Seharusnya 2012 CD FLACSeparuh Laki is a topic that reflects the popularity and influence of Noah's music in Indonesia and beyond. The band has been able to create songs that resonate with their listeners, who are eager to enjoy their music in the best possible quality. Noah has also proven their longevity and creativity as a band, despite the challenges and changes they have faced over the years.


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