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Philip Galkin

Cisco Packet Tracer Practical Step By Step Tutorial Pdf

Packet Tracer contains a handful of basic step-wise tutorials to teach users about the product features. They clarify how to engage in the simulations. For an in-depth study, there are advance tutorials available on the Academy connection.

Cisco Packet Tracer Practical Step By Step Tutorial Pdf

However, let's say you're troubleshooting a connectivity issue between two end hosts. It can be difficult to visualize how the packet flows through a large network. Simulation Mode allows you to walk through the path of a packet step-by-step. You can observe attributes of the packet change and see the forwarding decision that each intermediary network device makes on the packet. With Simulation Mode you can quickly compare what's happening on the network device's CLI with what visually happens to the packet as it traverses their simulated network.


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