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Where To Buy A Bumbo Baby Seat

As a parent, the question is, how do you know when your baby is ready to sit? What signs should you look out for and what can you do to help your baby achieve this milestone? What role can a baby chair play in assisting with this milestone? In order to sit your baby needs to have good control of their head by around four months old. At this point, you can assist your baby by pulling at their hands gently to get them into the sitting position. You can also prop your baby up in a seated position by using pillows as support. You will have to keep an eye on your baby as they are prone to toppling over at this point. Also, keep an eye out for when your baby gets exhausted, as they are still learning to sit.

where to buy a bumbo baby seat

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The Bumbo baby seat, a popular product in many families' homes, has caused over two dozen infant injuries despite its simple, foam structure. As a result of this, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Bumbo International announced a second voluntary recall of the product in August 2012.

A product recall is a request to return a product to the manufacturer. Companies or government agencies often initiate a recall after a product proves to be defective or a safety issue has been discovered. Below, you'll find more information about the Bumbo baby seat recalls and the legal issues involved.

The first Bumbo baby seat recall came in October 2007, when 1 million Bumbo seats were recalled in order to add warnings about using the seats on raised surfaces. According to the CPSC, since this recall, there have been at least:

The August 2012 Bumbo baby seat recall requested the return of 4 million seats and was initiated not only to provide additional warnings, but to add a restraint belt to the product as well. The belt is being provided to prevent infants from falling out of the seat. However, an infant should never be left unsupervised even when strapped into the seat.

A product liability case may arise in many ways including, but not limited to, a failure to warn. A manufacturer has a duty to warn consumers about any hidden dangers that may be present in the product, along with instructing them on how to avoid those dangers. Bumbo initiated the recalls in order to limit the number of injuries caused by the baby seats and therefore, minimize the company's liability. Warnings must be clear, specific, and placed on an easily viewable location. Bumbo has attempted to do so by having parents apply new warning stickers and install the restraint belt. Bumbo has even supplied consumers with an instructional video demonstrating proper installation of the belt and usage of the seat, which can be seen here.

If you own a Bumbo baby seat, it's imperative that you comply with the new warnings to prevent any injury to your infant. If you have an infant who has suffered an injury from falling out of a Bumbo seat you should contact a product liability attorney in your area. A legal consultation can help you determine whether you have a product liability claim worth pursuing.

The play tray was a great addition. The tray comes disassembled in two pieces that easily click together, and the play tray then clips on between the leg holes and slots underneath the base of the Bumbo seat. The tray provides a large surface for small toys, and we read a book together using the tray as a support. This allowed her to get a great view as I turned the pages. As she gets older, the play tray could be used for small rattles or musical instruments, as well as snacks and drinks once she has started weaning. A wipe down surface, the tray is easy to clean if it gets covered in milk or other general baby mess! (no more detail needed here!)

There was a Bumbo seat recall many years ago, however this was before the Bumbo came with straps. All Bumbo chairs now come with integrated straps. If used correctly. Baby Bumbo Seats are safe, however it is crucial that they are not used at height and used as a floor chair only. If used on a table or work surface, they come with the risk of your baby toppling the seat or falling from height, the consequences of which could be disasterous! Read the instructions and make sure you learn how to fasten and secure your Bumbo. As with any baby product, adult supervision is required at all times.

The Bumbo seat is something that almost any expectant mom has heard of. You can find them on almost any baby registry. So what is all the hype about the Bumbo Seats? As a new mom I decided to do some research before I purchased the Bumbo!

Bumbo International is now offering parents a free restraint belt, with clearer instructions about only using the baby seat on the floor, with adult supervision. Will this be enough to safeguard infants from dangerous falls? Only time will tell.

The government agency said there have been dozens of incidents since the October 2007 recall, which required that warnings be added about the risk of placing the baby seats on raised surfaces, like tables, chairs or countertops.

Complicating the matter, the CPSC and Bumbo International said they are aware of an additional 34 incidents since 2007 where babies were injured after they fell out or "maneuvered out" of a Bumbo seat that was being "used on the floor or at an unknown elevation." Two of those injuries resulted in skull fractures.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D) alerted Illinois parents and caregivers Aug. 15 to a recall of Bumbo baby seats announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in response to growing reports of serious injuries to babies.

Bumbo seats are made of foam with a back rest and leg holes for a baby to sit in. The CPSC previously recalled 1 million of the seats in 2007, requiring the manufacturer to place a warning label on the seat advising users not to place the seat on an elevated surface, such as a table or countertop. In 2011, the CPSC renewed that warning amid reports of injuries to babies when they fell out of the seats from elevated places.

Owners of the seats should contact the company for a free repair kit, which includes a seatbelt and anchors to attach the belt to the seat. Consumers can call the company toll-free (866-898-4999) or visit a special recall website where owners can order the repair kit.

Of even more concern, the agency and Bumbo became aware of 34 other reports where babies injured themselves after a fall from a Bumbo seat placed on the floor or at an unknown elevation. Two of those incidents involved skull fractures.

Made of high-quality, non-toxic foam that's similar to the foam used in car seats, the Bumbo first came onto the market in 2001. Dubbed the "baby sitter," the name comes from a combination of two words, bum and bottom, which make Bumbo.

Since its inception in 2001, there has been a recall and new safety precautions around the baby product. In this article, we take a look at the proper age and weight requirements for the Bumbo baby seats, as well as risks, recalls, safety precautions and our honest review.

Though many parents are fans of the company, Bumbo has had a few safety issues. Namely, 1 million of the seats were recalled in 2007 due to reports of children falling out of their seats and suffering serious head injuries. This recall resulted in the company adding a warning label and instructions telling parents to only use the baby seats on the ground floor.

The Bumbo Classic Floor Seat is an easy-to-wash, sturdy baby chair with a three-point safety harness, elevated leg openings to help your baby lean back and a rounded back so the soft-sided chair supports their spine. As the name suggests, the Bumbo Floor Seat is meant to be used on the floor only to help young babies ages 3 - 12 months sit upright. You can start using this seat once your little one is able to hold their head and neck up on their own. Many parents use this seat for playtime and feeding.

The baby seats aren't car seats. The bottom of the seat is round and flat. It's made of a single piece of molded foam with a foam divider for the kids' legs. On the front of the seat is the word "Bumbo" with the image of an elephant. The seats come in yellow, blue, purple, pink, aqua, and lime green.

As your little baby grows up, he or she sits up and starts observing the world. At this stage, they need proper support to help their spine. You can provide them with a Bumbo seat that provides adequate back support and comes with a seat belt so that your tiny tot does not fall off.

Bumbo International and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a voluntary recall of Bumbo baby seats on August 15. The Bumbo baby seat is sold at major retail stores, such as Walmart, Toys R Us, and Target. The recall follows at least 50 reports of children falling out of the baby seat during use on a raised surface. The same baby seats were recalled in October 2007 after 28 reports came in to the CPSC that babies arched and wiggled their way out of the seats and fell out. Three of these incidents resulted in skull fractures. Bumbo recalled the seats and added a label on the seats warning against use on raised surfaces. Since 2007, there have been nineteen other reports of skull fractures in babies that maneuvered out of the seat and at least 34 reports of other injuries.

In California, the defendant does not need to have previous knowledge that the product was defective to be liable for it.If your child suffered injury from a defective product like the Bumbo baby seat, contact the Brod Law Firm today for a free consultation. We want to help you navigate the legal system to fight for the just compensation you deserve.

Set up safely: "Floor seats should be kept out of range of dangerous objects such as electrical sockets, cords, and sharp objects," says Dr. Hunter. Find an open space where your baby won't be tempted to grab anything that could harm them.

"We got the summer infant super seat over the bumbo and so far its worked well for us. The foam insert can be detached once the LO outgrows it and you can use it as a booster seat then, it has straps that can attach to a chair. Comes with a detachable tray though we haven't used it yet." 041b061a72


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