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Where To Buy The Best Christmas Crackers

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Where To Buy The Best Christmas Crackers

Award-winning stationery designer Wrendale Designs has a bit of a thing for Christmas crackers. There are three packs on offer, and we love them all, but this particular set best represents what Wrendale is all about: gorgeously detailed natural designs from artist Hannah Wren. Apart from being exquisite to look at, these crackers are made using the upmarket stuff; a textured board for the cracker exterior with grosgrain fabric ribbons at the cinctured parts. The luxuriousness extends to the interior as well: pull the cracker and you'll find an adorable glass magnet depicting another of Hannah Wren's designs, alongside a joke and a hat. Why not have a stylish Christmas this year

But which will give you the most bang for your buck We've scoured the shops, from M&S and John Lewis to Etsy, to find the Christmas crackers that garner the best reviews and are most popular with shoppers.

These colourful musical crackers are a bestseller on the John Lewis website. Each one contains a hat, snap, joke and a xylophone piece. Once the recyclable crackers have all been pulled, one person can take on the role of conductor and direct everyone to use their mallet and numbered xylophone piece to play a tune from the musical sheet.

One shopper who bought them last year wrote in a review: "Fantastic! Beautiful eco chic crackers with some of the best gifts I've ever had in a cracker, feeling even more virtuous as it's all recyclable. Mind you I'll be keeping some as additional little Christmas decorations for next year. And of course it includes wonderfully cheesy jokes."

A besteller at M&S, many shoppers have commented in reviews about how nice these crackers will look on their Christmas table, with one writing that "they look a million dollars". The recyclable gold foiled crackers feature an elegant marbled design with a gold ribbon tie and each one contains a hat, joke and game task as one of the following gifts: a bottle opener, a cookie cutter, a trolley keyring, a wine-glass charm, a spirit measure, a pair of nail clippers, a metal ice cube or a metal funnel.

Finding accurate data on how many crackers the planet goes through each year has been very hard to come by. In the UK, British Airways did a survey on Christmas consumption and found that the UK went through 154 million crackers each year which is 2.33 crackers for every person in the UK. ( ). To find the global total, the best estimate is to use population data then apply the same ratios.

For the skincare and makeup fanatic at your table, these crackers will reveal a tiny treat that will be sure to invoke squeals of delight. Lookfantastic has wrapped up some of its bestselling products from the likes of Elemis, Illamasqua and Aromatherapy Associates in cracker form alongside the typical hat and joke.

Wellbeing brand Bloom and Blossom offer the perfect self-care crackers, whatever your mind and body are craving this December. Priced between 10 and 15, the range contains pampering products including calming sleep spray and revitalizing leg and foot spray if the party season is proving too much. Our favorite is the Sleep Tight cracker containing a generously-sized 100ml bottle of Off To Bed bath oil worth 20. Treat yourself or your frazzled best friend for silent nights all round this Christmas.

We got into the festive spirit early and pulled every single luxury Christmas cracker we could find to choose the best ones for this guide. We rated the box they came in and how festive the crackers looked, including whether we would be happy to add them to our Christmas table on the big day. We also noticed whether the cracker snapped when pulled if it included a hat and joke and how sustainable the packaging and contents were. We also considered the gift and whether we or one of the family would be thrilled to receive it or if it would go straight in the bin when the last one was pulled. These are luxury crackers, so we also considered whether or not they were genuinely worth the higher price point.

For the best dressed Christmas table in town, Margaret Dabbs London presents six luxurious, traditional, handmade Christmas crackers. They are beautifully stylish, designed in snowflake white with gold foil and perfect to adorn your lavish Christmas table. Spoil your guests with our unique crackers, containing a fabulous assortment of award-winning beauty products.

Want to give your Christmas table a personal touch Buy these brown card crackers and fill them with homemade truffles, then decorate with your guest's name. See our best Christmas sweets recipes for chocolate truffles, homemade fudge, honeycomb and more. 59ce067264


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